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Response One, Ghana Police Service Embark On Safe Community Outreach at Gbawe CP

The Community Police Unit of the Ghana Police Service, in collaboration with Response One Ghana Limited.

The Community Police Unit of the Ghana Police Service, in collaboration with Response One Ghana Limited, a smart home security services provider, has embarked on a safe community outreach at Gbawe CP in Accra.

The Community Outreach

The outreach sought to educate community members on practical tips to take to keep their and to build safer, stronger and vibrant and crime-free communities.
The outreach themed ‘Building a Safer and Stronger Community’, brought together members of the Gbawe CP community especially Landlords and their tenants.
Director of the Community Policing Unit of the Ghana Police Service, ACP Oscar Amevenku, advised community members to practice good neighbourliness by making sure that they’re in good terms with their neighbours.
“You’re supposed to be in good terms with your neighbours, know those in the next house so that when you see a stranger around you can question that person as well as call for help when need be”, he said.
He stated that to build a safer community, it is important that members of the community become each other’s watchmen by reporting issues that are unusual or suspicious.
ACP Ocsar Amevenku added that as part of building a stronger community its essential that members of the community have to call for assistance whenever necessary.
“It’s good to be on good terms with the police. Have the contacts of the local police and the emergency numbers ‘1855’ & ‘191’”, he stressed.

Words of Advice

On the issue of securing homes and general security, the Director indicated that simple measures such as installing security cameras, deadbolts, and other secure locks can deter would-be burglars.
He mentioned that keeping valuables out of sight and not leaving spare keys in obvious places are also important measures to take in making the homes and neighbourhood less obvious targets.
Station Officer fir Community Policing at the Police Headquarters, Chief Inspector Solomon Keta, noted that security is a shared responsibility and that security starts from the individual.
He advocated adoption of community based initiative called the ‘Neighbourhood Watch Programme’ as part of measures to ensure a safer and stronger community.
According to him, as part if the initiatives, members of the community will select reliable individuals who will identify and report suspicious activities to the authorities. He stated that the volunteers who will be selected will be set up with the help of the community’s local police department. “After this, the police will now sensitise volunteers. Their finger prints will be taken for vetting and clearance as well as educate them on their do’s and don’t as they work hand in hand with the local police station”, he explained.
Head of Sales at Response One Ghana Limited, Manubea Awuah, advised members of the community to always factor in security whenever they’re building a home or renting an apartment. “You’ll not only protect yourself and your neighbours, but also create a community the is safer, stronger and more resilient”, she added.

A landlord, Douglas Frienpong, at the end of the outreach said that it was very helpful and has given him insight on basic do’s and don’t to prevent crime and promote safety in the community.

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