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The services we provide take all the guesswork out of creating your secure, smart home. We’ll customize your security system, install everything for you, and keep your home secure with 24/7 security monitoring.

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Response One Ghana products offer the perfect blend of convenience, control and peace of mind for you and your family.

Delivering the Best Security Solutions to Our Clients

24/7 Alarm Monitoring & Response Services

We have the best Burglar & Intrusion Alarms from the market leaders. Response One Ghana Limited supply & install a full range of security panels, interface keyboards & a comprehensive range of detection sensors & accessories. Effective security solutions for all residential, commercial & industrial properties, gold & jewellery shops, banks & money exchanges; or any premises requiring a security solution.

We provide a wide range of products such as Door Protection, Glass Break Detection and motion detection to ensure your property is safe. 

Introducing 24/7 Police Response

The 24/7 Police Response Service is a comprehensive combination of security solution packaged for your peace. It is a partnership service developed by response One Ghana Ltd and the Ghana Police Service to serve your ultimate security need.

Home Security Systems

Real protection for the things you value most, with smart, simple integration and control of your smart security and home automation devices, at home or on the go.

Video Surveillance

Response One  home security cameras are the next best thing to being there to watch over the things in your life you value most. Indoor, outdoor, and at your door, we have security cameras that meet your needs.

Life Safety Alarms

Monitored  smoke and CO sensors can alert our monitoring centers quickly, so we can get first responders to your home to help you and your family, fast.

Smart Home Automation

You can have remote access and control of everything from lights, locks, and thermostats, to your garage door, cameras, and, of course, your security system.

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Leave the installation to us

After customizing your system, our Smart Home Pros install your Response One Ghana home security devices, make sure they function seamlessly, and teach you how to use your system.

Whatever you need,
we're here to help

Our service doesn’t end when your system is installed. From troubleshooting to warranties and repairs, we can help. Just chat or call to connect with us.

We also protect your business

We’ll help keep your business secure. A Smart Home Pro will help you tailor a system to fit the needs of your company so you can protect your customers, employees, and property.

Smart Switches For Your Smart Home

Smart Lock For Your Smart Home

Compatible Devices

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Customer reviews

Real customer reviews tell the true Response One Ghana story

Michael Afrifa
Michael Afrifa
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Everything went great, I was very happy with everyone who came into my home.
Joseph Owusu
Joseph Owusu
Read More
Amazing pricing, service and quick installation. I am a customer for life! Worth every penny.
Kwabena Osei
Kwabena Osei
Read More
I love the work of the company
Read More
The tech was friendly, knowledgeable and patient. We had a great tutorial and really like the product
John Frimpong
John Frimpong
Read More
My tech was very knowledgeable. He explained everything and made sure that I knew how everything works.
Jowel Jones
Jowel Jones
Read More
Service person was prompt, clean, friendly and efficient and showed me how to change sensor batteries.

Frequently asked questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Response One Ghana licensed Smart Home Pros will provide professional installation, making smart home security easy.

Professional installation from Response One Ghana includes guidance from one of our certified Smart Home Pros as to where cameras should be placed for optimal security. Our professionals will also walk you through your new Response One system and answer questions.  

Response One is one of the best home security monitoring companies. Our in-house 24/7 monitoring team has some of the fastest response times in the industry.

A complete home security system can help protect your home and family from a variety of threats—burglary, intrusion, property theft, vandalism, and house fire or flood—by facilitating quick access to emergency assistance. Response One Ghana provides you with a security ecosystem for your whole home—inside and out—as well as an on-call support team to assist you day and night.

Every Response One Ghana system includes a one-on-one product consultation, free professional installation, and 24/7 customer support and monitoring. The suite of products typically included in a Response One Ghana security system includes:

Outdoor Camera – Wireless, HD security camera with infrared night vision that gives you on-demand access to a live video feed and sends notifications to your phone when someone approaches your door.

Water Sensors – Protect homes from water damage and pipe-freezing low temperatures by sending mobile notifications when water is detected, temperature drops, or when moisture levels rise beyond set parameters in or around your home.

Motion Sensor – Infrared motion sensor with 90-degree look-down to ensure nothing passes by undetected.

Smoke Detector – Uses photoelectric sensing to detect when smoke is present.

Security Sensors – Sound an alarm whenever protected doors and windows are opened and can also be used to protect medicine cabinets, gun cabinets, or the door to a child’s bedroom.

If you’ve purchased a home security system that comes with only basic door and window sensors, you can easily install those by following the included instructions. More high-end equipment packages—like the ones Response One Ghana provides—come with a Response One Ghana control panel and the option to add outdoor home security cameras, all of which require professional installation rather than a DIY approach.

Your Response One Ghana service includes 24/7 monitoring and support. Full functionality of your Response One home security system is not possible without the monthly service fee, which includes monitoring service.