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Fire Risk Assessment

Accurately determine how vulnerable your property is to fire emergencies.

The Benefits of having a Fire Risk Assessment

A business with good Fire Safety Management is less likely to suffer from a fire and the subsequent closure, lost production, personal injury claims and lost stock. If your business is badly damaged or destroyed in a fire, could you cope financially to reopen and pay the employees’ wages during the rebuild?

Firstly, having a positive Fire Safety Culture. This can be seen by the employees during the Fire Risk Management from testing the fire alarms and emergency lighting to them seeing the extinguisher engineer in completing the annual maintenance. Staff will see their welfare being considered and protected by the employer.

If your insurance company can see that you as an employer were proactive in terms of Fire Safety Management, they are more likely to pay in full for the insurance claim!

How Our Fire Risk Assessments Work

We follow a rigerous assessment process to ensure valid and accurate results so that fire prevention and sagety plans can be effectively put into place.

Identify the fire hazards

Cigarettes, matches and lighters Candles, or gas or liquid-fuelled open-flame equipment Cooking equipment

Identify people at risk.

Identify people at risk, To identify those at risk in case of a fire, you must look at where your employees are working

Evaluate, remove or reduce the risks

After identifying the fire hazards, you must find ways to remove the risk, that's when our Fire Assesmen team will educate you on

Record your findings, prepare an emergency plan and provide training.

What happens if you don’t have a fire risk assessment?

Any fire risk assessment needs to be compliant with PAS 79. It needs to be carried out by a competent person. As it is a legal requirement to have a fire risk assessment, if you don’t have one or if it is not fully compliant you leave yourself open to prosecution and fines.

Frequently Asked Questions

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