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Guard Tour Systems

Enhance your patrol efforts with effective guard tour systems.

Why Invest In A Guard Tour System?

The Guard Tour System is a specialized access control solution that offers flexible functionality within the realm of access control systems. Its primary application extends to diverse settings such as schools, hospitals, factories, forestry, and any industry where ensuring safety is paramount. The system is designed to facilitate effective supervision and management of patrol staff and their activities by enterprise leaders or management personnel.

This innovative system serves a dual purpose. Firstly, it enables seamless monitoring of patrol staff, providing real-time insights into their movements and activities. This not only enhances overall security but also ensures that patrols are conducted according to established protocols. Secondly, the Guard Tour System generates comprehensive reports detailing the specifics of patrolling routes over a defined period. This feature allows for a deeper understanding of security measures, enabling organizations to optimize their safety strategies.

In essence, the Guard Tour System proves invaluable for enterprises seeking a comprehensive and efficient solution to bolster security measures, offering a robust means of supervision, management, and detailed reporting for patrol staff activities.

Benefits of Guard Tour System

Simplicity & Convenience

In the past, security guards used paper notebooks, causing delays and chaos for their managers. Now, with guard tour systems, guards can efficiently scan checkpoints, eliminating the need for manual note-taking. This modern approach streamlines communication and simplifies the reporting process.

Timeless & reliable

Unlike traditional patrolling methods, advanced guard tour systems offer real-time tracking for reliable data. The system uploads information immediately, enabling remote monitoring through cloud data, especially beneficial for large enterprises. GPS integration maps out the guards’ locations, ensuring their safety. Technology ensures accurate data organization, reporting, and analysis, eliminating potential fraud or errors associated with paper records.

Less Costs, More Efficiency

Recent fire incidents, like the tragic Notre Dame de Paris fire, highlight the need for early problem detection. Upgrading to a guard tour system minimizes losses by providing timely and accurate information. The system’s efficiency not only enhances security but also reduces overall costs associated with potential damages.

Our Range Of Guard Tour Systems

Response One offers an all-in-one solution to your guard tours. Enabling you to do more quicker, with less.

See our available options below.

RFID Guard Tour System

Guard Tour Patrol Security System WM5000V5. This reader can be used in any weather or workplace, anytime.

iButton Guard Tour System

Never Worry About Forgetting to Patrol. This device has the added Function of an Alarm Clock. 200 group alarm clocks help security guards stay on time and on point.

Online Guard Tour System

Not Only GPS Position, But Also GPS Tracking. Track patrol routes of employees in real time and support playback.

Fingerprint Guard Reader

Fingerprint authentication, let patrolling irreplaceable, scientific management of your staff.

Android Guard Tour System

Restore the Real Scene. Front-back dual camera(500M Pixel& 1300M Pixel), multi-touch 5.0 Inch HD IPS Screen.Restore the real scene, equipment aging, accident problems, with photos to leave evidence.

If You Want To Minimize Costs, Control Security Situations from a Remote Distance And Reduce Losses, Upgrade Your Guard Tour System Right Now!

The Smart Way To Patrol

The guard tour system revolutionizes traditional paper recording methods. Instead of relying on manual note-taking, this smart device simplifies the process with efficient point scanning. Guards can carry the handheld device on their belts while performing checks or walking between designated points. The device, equipped with a reliable memory chip, stores data securely, surpassing the limitations of paper.

Unlike paper records, there’s no need to worry about timely organization. Guards can upload data once or twice a week, and the system takes care of the rest. It automatically analyzes the data and generates comprehensive reports, enhancing overall efficiency and eliminating the need for constant data organization.

User Authentication

  • Guards have unique accounts linked to their mobile phones for secure login.

Checkpoint Installation

  • Prepare for patrolling by installing tags strategically.
  • Choose from QR code, GPS, Blue-Tooth, or NFC modes for checkpoint collection.

Schedule Management

  • Set flexible patrolling schedules for days, weeks, or months.
  • Easily adjust schedules using the management system as needed.

Data Transmission

  • Bring back the device and connect the magnetic cable for data upload.

  • Online-access models can upload data straight to the cloud.

Situational Reporting

  • During patrolling, guards can send notes, voice records, and photos to report situations promptly.
  • Voice prompts guide guards to the next point; warning messages can be sent to the central server in case of issues.

Report Checking

  • Generate clear and specific data reports for manager review.
  • Real-time data upload allows monitoring during patrolling.