Guard Tour System

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Why Guard Tour System?

Guard tour system is a variety of access control system, is a kind of flexible use of the access control system. It is mainly used in schools, hospitals, factories, forestry and any industry which need to ensure safety. The purpose is to help the enterprise leadership or management personnel carry our effective supervision and management to the patrol staff and working records through the system. At the same time, the system can also report more details of patrolling line in a certain period.

Benefits of Guard Tour System

1. Simplicity & Convenience

Yesterday, the security guard must carry a paper notebook and stop at every checkpoint to mark on the notebook to accomplish his work. So, his manager is daily on fire. Talking on the phone, producing tons of notes, speeding his time in the meeting, gathering so many confusing reports.
At present, guard tour systems provide many means to check and record the time that a guard executes his guard tour by scanning specific checkpoints assigned to the area he patrols.

2. Timeliness & Reliability

Compared with traditional patrolling measures, advanced guard tour system has several advantages besides being too reliable. Firstly, real-time tracking makes sure the timeliness of data. The real-time data will upload immediately when the guard checked point. This function will achieve remote real-time monitoring and management network by sharing information through the cloud data, specially designed for large-scale enterprises. Secondly, the real-time location of guards will be marked in the map. The combination of GPS and guard tour system cloud record the line of patrolling and ensure the safety of guards.
The data in the paper may cheat you, the guards may play a trick on you, but the technology will ever on your side. The software will organize the data automatically when it collected them. Then, it will also save the data as reports and analyze the schedule for direct observation. All those things will be prepared for you.

3. Less Cost & More Efficiency

Recently, the fire accident occurs frequently, even in the one finest examples of French Gothic architecture Notre Dame de Paris. This accident caused irreparable damage, a building full of history and culture will never come back.
However, the loss will be reduced to the minimum if we could find out the problem early. That’s one of the reasons why need upgrade guard tour system.

Available Products

RFID Guard Tour System

Guard Tour Patrol Security System WM5000V5 The reader can be used in any weaher or workplace

Ibutton Guard Tour System

Never Worry About Forgetting to Patrol Added the Function of Alarm Clock,200 Groups Alarm Clock Helps Security Guards Work on Duty

Online Guard Tour System

Not Only GPS Position, But Also GPS Tracking. Track patrol tracks of patrol employees in real time and support playback.

Fingerprint Guard Reader

Fingerprint authentication, let patrolling irreplaceable, scientific management of your staff.

Android Guard Tour System

Restore the Real Scene. Front-back dual camera(500M Pixel& 1300M Pixel), multi-touch 5.0 Inch HD IPS Screen.Restore the real scene, equipment aging, accident problems, with photos to leave evidence.

Mobile Patrol APP

No matter how complicated the patrol plan, Wepatrol will guide you through the work. The patrol plan is pre-set in the software, and Wepatrol will automatically synchronize the patrol plan to help the security staff complete the work on time.

If You Want To Minimize The Cost, Control The Situation In a Remote Distance And Reduce The Losses In Time, Upgrade Your Guard Tour System Right Now!

How does it work?

Basic Style
Instead of the traditional way, recording with paper, guard tour system born as a smart device to check the points. With a gentle scanning, the guards’ working efficiency will be improved by using this handheld equipment and it could be on their belt when they are checking something or walking on the line to the next stipulated point. Those devices will remember the data by using their brain called memory chip which is more reliable than the paper cause its large storage. There is no need for concerning whether we have enough time to organize the data in time. The only thing we need to do is upload the data once or twice a week, and the system will analyze data and generate a report automatically.

  • Setting Schedules: Setting your own schedules for days, weeks or months as your arrangement.
  • Install Checkpoints: Necessary prepared work for patrolling, install tags in the correct place to make sure the life span.
  • Start to Patrol: The guards are ready to start patrolling.
  • Upload Data: Bring back the device, connect the magnetic cable to the computer to transmission.
  • Check report: Clear and specific data reports will be generated and provided to the manager to check.

JWM Guard Tour System

Easy Operation in Mobile Phone — 5 STEPS FOR USING APPLICATION

Login: Every guard could use a unique account in the permission of management which was bound to their own mobile phone.

Collect Checkpoints: To meet the different requirements of customers, there are four modes cloud be chosen to collect checkpoints, QR code, GPS Checkpoint Collection, Blue-Tooth Checkpoint Collection, and NFC Mode.

Setting Schedules: Management system provides more choices for setting up patrolling schedules for days, weeks or months. It’s convenient for the manager to adjust the patrol personnel, patrol points anytime!

Patrol: When the security guard is on his patrol, he could send notes, take voice records and photos to report the situation in time. Also, it will lead the guard to the next point through a voice prompt. If there is some problem exist, you cloud also send a warning message to the central server.

Check Report: The manager will receive the latest reports after patrolling cause the data cloud to be uploading in real time. It’s available for the manager to check the process during the patrolling, it clouds truly achieve the monitoring function.