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Lead, Response React Team

We are seeking an experienced and dynamic Leader for our Response React Team, responsible for overseeing the Response React Team to security incidents, threats, and vulnerabilities.


This position will be based in Osu, Accra



Key Responsibilities

  • Overseeing the Response React Team to security incidents, threats, and vulnerabilities.
  • Lead a team of security professionals, ensuring effective incident management, threat hunting, and response strategies.
  • Protect and maintain high level of vigilance, professionalism, and customer service while carrying out their duties.


Education and Certification:

Minimum Education: Diploma | Higher National Diploma. Higher educational qualifications or certifications related to security management will be an added advantage.


Valid Driver’s License: Must possess a current and valid driver’s license, allowing for the operation of motor vehicles in Ghana.

Motorbike License: A valid motorbike license is required if the role involves the use of a motorbike.


Security Experience: Extensive experience in security management, including roles that involve crisis management and rapid response to security incidents.

Leadership Experience:

Demonstrated leadership experience with the ability to manage, direct, and motivate a team.


Physical Fitness: Must be physically able to handle demanding/emergency situations which may require managing confrontations.

Computer Literacy: Proficiency in using computer systems for communication, reporting, and security monitoring.

Communication Skills: Strong communication skills are necessary for effective leadership and incident reporting.

Personal Attributes:

Height: 6 FEET.

Age Requirement: Candidates must be between the ages of 30 to 50 years old.

Identification: Must possess a valid Ghana Card as proof of identification and eligibility to work.

Background Check: Police Report.

Additional Skills:

Adaptability and Quick Decision-Making: Ability to assess and adapt to rapidly changing situations.

Customer-Centric Approach: Strong focus on delivering excellent service and maintaining high satisfaction levels among clients and stakeholders.


Team Management: Oversee and coordinate the daily operations of the alarm response team, ensuring a customer-centric approach in all interactions.

React Response: Lead and participate in the rapid response of alarms and emergencies, prioritising customer safety and satisfaction.

Training and Development: Conduct training sessions focused not only on security and compliance but also on customer service excellence.

Reporting and Documentation: know-how on keeping meticulous records of incidents, responses, and customer feedback, using this data to improve service levels.

Compliance and Safety: Ensure operations comply with legal and organisational standards while emphasising the importance of customer trust and safety.

Communication: Serve as the primary liaison between the security team, customers, law enforcement, and the organisation, ensuring clear and proactive communication.

Problem Solving and Customer Interaction: Quickly resolve issues with a focus on minimising inconvenience and maximising trust and safety for customers.

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