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Work with seasoned professionals on your comprehensive fire and life safety plan from Response One Ghana Commercial and rest assured that you have the help you need to be ready to deal with challenges before they appear.

Fires continue to represent a significant threat to your business. In one year alone, national estimates for nonresidential building fires and losses were $2,007,300,000.*

If your business facilities or warehouses are located in areas prone to fire, the risk of disaster increases. Since the 1940s, the number of people at risk from wildfires in the western United States alone has grown more than 1,000%.**

Fire safety codes

Response One Ghana Commercial fire alarm monitoring services help protect your company and employees from the unexpected. We see that the number of communities operating in vulnerable areas is expanding, and fire safety codes have become increasingly complex for business owners to manage.

Maintain compliance

We have the resources, flexibility, and reach to help you deploy and maintain the system your business needs, when you need them, while also helping to ensure your business remains in compliance with local, state, and national fire safety requirements each year.

How Could've This Been Prevented?

Your house is destroyed. Your business is destroyed. All of your blood, sweat and tears has now been burnt to a crisp.

How could have this happened? Why did this happen?

You start to question what possibly could’ve caused the fire. Was it a candle? Faulty wiring? Was a stove left on or maybe a lightbulb blew out?

But here is the most important question of them all… how could something like this have been prevented?

Smoke Detector

Since these detectors are addressable, they help emergency personnel quickly locate a fire during its early stages, potentially saving precious rescue time while also reducing property damage. Two LEDs on each sensor light to provide a local, visible sensor indication.

Carbon Monoxide (CO) detection

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Leading-edge fire detection

Response one fire alarm solutions are the most advanced available today, ensuring reliable early detection of all fire types.

24/7 fire alarm monitoring

When your Response one alarm is activated – day or night – a signal is sent to our Alarm Monitoring Centre, and always responded to. This is especially important when commercial -

24/7 Emergency response

All our fire detection alarms are fully monitored and in the event of an activation we will notify the keyholders and the Ghana National fire service

24/7 Monitoring

Continuous monitoring and support that stays up all night so you can rest easy.

Professional installation from Response One Field Service Professionals.

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Frequently asked questions

Most frequent questions and answers

A Fire Alarm System is a number of devices that work together to warn the occupants of a building that carbon monoxide, fire and smoke are present and to evacuate immediately. The alarm system will typically combine auditory and visual warnings to bring attention to the emergency.

The appointment of a new Service Provider necessitates a special inspection of the fire alarm system during which they must identify all major areas of non compliance including; inadequate detection, sounders, power supplies, inappropriate cabling and the absence of a zone plan or other suitable diagrammatic representation of the premises.

These non compliances must be reported to the Customer who is responsible for arranging the undertaking of the remedial action.

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The standard life span of an optical detector is 10 years though some specific manufacturers suggest an extended life span. However, detectors need calibrating according to their environment and are highly susceptible to degradation based on environmental factors. For example a detector situated within a very dusty environment will require replacement sooner than a detector in a clean environment.