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Alarm Monitoring & Response Services

Immediate detection and quick response times help safeguide you from fire, theft and more

We have the best Burglar & Intrusion Alarms from the market leaders. Response One Ghana Limited supply & install a full range of security panels, interface keyboards & a comprehensive range of detection sensors & accessories. Effective security solutions for all residential, commercial & industrial properties, gold & jewellery shops, banks & money exchanges; or any premises requiring a security solution.

We provide a wide range of products such as Door Protection, Glass Break Detection and motion detection to ensure your property is safe.


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Guard Tour Lease Services


“Guard Tour” systems have been developed to solve the problem of not being able to track if security personals are touring their check points. In general, guard tour systems record the activities of the security officers to determine if officers are making their tours when they should, and to verify that they are covering all checkpoints of their tour.

The use of a guard tour system provides two important benefits. Firstly, if officers know that their activities are being recorded, there is a strong motivation for them to follow the rules and make patrols the way that they are supposed to. Secondly, the guard tour system provides a written record of all patrol activities, allowing discrepancies in patrol procedures to be quickly identified. Appropriate disciplinary actions can be taken against officers who fail to comply with established procedures. The written record provided by the guard tour system can also be used for incident investigation and as proof of patrol activities for insurance companies or regulatory agencies.

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